Keep on driving.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – I’ve been pretty exhausted lately, but still want to keep up with posting.

I was having a pretty difficult time for a little bit as far as exposure therapy goes, and getting out. I didn’t go out or do any driving for a few days and kept building it up in my head to be more and more of a big deal… Then when I finally went out driving, I remembered that it’s not that scary, and it’s okay. I started small and kept working my way up, and now I’m driving longer distances than I’ve been able to since I started exposure therapy!

I had an appointment last week that I missed due to a panic attack. That was really difficult, but instead of letting it get me down completely, I’ve been more determined than ever to squelch my fears of being on the road.

I had my baby shower over the weekend and it was wonderful! It was so great to have so many loved ones gather and celebrate the baby. My mom and a good friend of the family threw it for me, and it was so sweet. I’m so grateful.

Yesterday I drove further than I have in so long. I’m really happy, and it makes me feel like things are opening up, and that I will be able to overcome my fears.

It’s still difficult, but looking brighter.

And I’m due in less than four weeks, which is kind of scary, but I’m also excited to have the baby. I’ve been pretty exhausted most of the time due to being so pregnant right now. It’s pretty ridiculous, I feel like I’m expending too much energy just writing this right now, or getting up to do small things. I definitely can’t wait to get back some energy!

Here’s a song off of the album I was listening to most of the drive yesterday. I think it’s good driving music. I’ve been on a psychobilly kick lately. Also, I was recalling to Rex yesterday that during this song the lead singer gave me the mic to sing along when I saw them years ago, and that was pretty cool.


7 thoughts on “Keep on driving.

  1. tracihalpin says:

    That is so cool you got to sing! Once again you show determination and effort in reaching your goals. I’m glad you had a nice shower. Are you in nesting mode? I remember getting the baby room ready. Thanks for your inspiration 😊

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