Red tagging an agoraphobics house?

 I’m currently waiting to hear back from the city on whether or not they are red tagging my house. As in, deeming it unfit for habitation and giving me zero notice to leave. By zero notice, it would mean I couldn’t stay in my house tonight. 

They red tagged the unit below me last week. There was carbon monoxide leaking into the house every time the hot water was turned on. 

Also, it turns out that panic/anxiety/obsessive thinking are side effects of carbon monoxide. Great. 

They turned off the hot water, so I’ve been out of that for the past week+. 

This also explains why I may or may not have at one point thought there was a ghost in the bathroom every time I would try to shower… Carbon monoxide leaking straight into the bathroom when the hot water was turned on, and not a ghost!

Anyway, I’m trying to stay calm and not panic. It just feels like the most ironic thing ever. 

Rex referred to it as an obstacle in the heroes journey. I feel like I’ve been through enough of that. I mean – shit. Fuck this. I don’t want to be forced to leave my home at a moments notice and go stay in a hotel. 

I gave my exposure therapist a heads up that this is happening, and she said if need be she would help me get to a hotel, so that is good. 

Also, I had an awesome outing with my exposure therapist yesterday. I even made it to a kids toy store and bought a wooden magnetic rocket ship :).

Anyway, here’s to hopping I don’t have to relocate in the next 24 hours!


7 thoughts on “Red tagging an agoraphobics house?

  1. Sandra Pastorius says:

    Wow… It sounds like things are really unsafe for you all there.
    Yes, keep up the philosophical viewpoint… you are heroes in
    this journey! Trust that you can do what is needed for you to
    be safe, and trust the path ahead.
    Sending you all angels! Take care… lots of love, GMa xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carol Ferenc says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this news, Chloe. Love the heroes journey philosophy. Keep thinking that way and you’ll handle this stumbling block just fine. You’re stronger than you realize.

    Liked by 1 person

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