Writing a book and moving out?

I’ve been getting out of the vault (as Rex calls it, as he’s been playing a lot of Fallout 4). It’s been good! I’ve been hanging out with these guys a lot:


and today I didn’t just drive to the beach, I finally got my feet in the sand!


I’ve recently discovered the fun of taking panoramic pictures.




Things are going well. I’ve started working on my book again (that I stalled around the time I found out I was pregnant). It’s really nice to write about something other than myself. It’s therapeutic. Also, I love writing. I love weaving together stories and creating worlds. I recently decided that I wanted to put everything I’ve got into finally finishing a novel… and I have also decided that I’m going to self publish it after it’s done. I feel like I should probably have a blog and a twitter and stuff dedicated to this, but I’m kind of lost right now with it. I have this blog, and I love this blog, but it mostly revolves around my struggles and successes with mental illness – and as much as I don’t care who knows of my struggle, I feel like it’s not the best platform to promote a young adult novel. If anyone has any experience with publishing a book and having an authors blog, or know of any good blogs to read up on the subject, I would appreciate you commenting on it so much! Thanks in advance ❤

I’ve also been really wanting to move. I want to move out of state. I’ve been driving every day, but I still haven’t made it to the freeway. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but California is EXPENSIVE. I mean, damn. To move out, we’re looking at $2600++++ for a two bedroom house that may or may not be falling apart, that is probably in a sketchy area, or has a slew of other problems. It’s kind of unbelievable how much it costs to live here. I really want to move to Oregon, but the only thing holding me back is my fear of making the drive there. If anyone has any advice on this (moving an agoraphobic), I would be extremely grateful.

Rex and I went out dancing Sunday night which was a lot of fun! I had been feeling in kind of a funk for the two days prior, but my spirits were lifted a lot by getting out and having some adult time and fun.

Other than that, I’ve been focused and excited about working on my book. Hoping to figure out how to better proceed with establishing an online presence before it’s finished though!

❤ Chloe


6 thoughts on “Writing a book and moving out?

  1. Carol Ferenc says:

    You’re writing a book … awesome! I haven’t yet summoned the courage to start one although the idea never leaves me. Kudos to you for just doing it. BTW, your daughter is adorable!!!

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